How we can help

If you are exporting and selling products to the UK from the USA, then you should be aware of newly enforced regulations requiring exporters to become registered for UK VAT

– What is VAT? This is the UK equivalent to USA sales tax.

If you or your company are not normally resident in the UK but you do sell any goods to the UK then whether you like it or not our VAT authority denotes you as an NETP!

What does this mean?

An NETP (non established taxable person) must register for VAT in the UK and pay VAT on all sales of taxable goods.

This VAT is an extra burden on a USA exporter on top of any import duty, and therefore has pricing consequences.

There are regular forms to be completed and submitted online in the correct format with payment for any VAT due to also be made online.

There is a strict penalty regime in place for non compliance.

A UK VAT agent is able to deal with all of the above on your behalf.

We are here to act as your UK VAT agents.

In brief:

  • You can use our address as a point of communication for all VAT matters
  • We can take care of processing and submitting your UK VAT return forms in the correct format, and on time to avoid you missing any deadlines.